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Neck pain and headache relief without the meds :)

The trusted triple award-winning necksaviour mini is a convenient, affordable, compact and portable solution for anyone looking to relieve neck pain, ease headaches, correct spinal alignment and improve posture.

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Just bend it, relax on it, feel the stretch.

"I've been using the necksaviour every day since it's arrived and it's already making a huge difference! It's keeping my headaches at bay and improving my posture. Normally I find myself pulling at my neck, twisting and cracking it throughout the day - no need to do any of those things any more. I'm so relieved to find an alternative to the migraine medications, Thank you!"

Ann E

Working from home has its perks, but my sub-optimal set-up led to terrible headaches and a lot of muscle tension in my neck. 10 minutes on the necksaviour in between virtual meetings worked wonders for me! There's no going back, its now part of my work-from-home daily routine.

Claire C

Using necksaviour has brought my Pilates sessions to a different level. In many instances I replace my head pads with the necksaviour to keep my client's neck in good spinal alignment. At the same time my clients can benefit from a gentle stretch of their neck and they can immediately feel the tension being released and the stiffness easing."

Keti Snee - Pilates instructor

Working from home ergonomics

Has working from home and all that screen time (yes, that includes texting and scrolling) meant that you’ve slipped into some poor posture habits? Be kind to your neck, incorporate a few minutes of quality time with the Necksaviour into your daily routine, trust us, you and your posture won’t be sorry. 

Sports and training

We know that athletes (casual or competitive) live and breathe by the “no pain no gain” mantra. Neck pain really doesn’t need to be a part of that. Make the Necksaviour part of your training and recovery, make the most of that stretch. The necksaviour mini stretches your neck gently, relieving neck pain and headaches and are perfect for use at home. 

Yoga, meditation and Pilates aids

Calling all yogi’s, meditators and Pilates practitioners. Take your practice to another level by adding the necksaviour for added comfort, alignment, increased blood flow to your muscles and stretching. Give something back to your neck, let it spend some time on the necksaviour, make it part of your practice.

Professionals - Chiros, Osteopaths and Physios

Frustrated that your clients slip backwards or lose traction in between sessions? Help them maintain progress in between their treatments with the triple award winning necksaviour, designed by a physiotherapist. It is the perfect compliment to your treatment plans for clients that suffer from neck pain, headaches or alignment issues.